International Leadership Network - Copenhagen

This network is a community of professionals and individuals from different countries and industries who share a common interest in leadership development and cross-cultural collaboration.

This network brings together leaders from various fields in business such as administration, finance, procurement, brand and marketing,, with the goal of creating a platform for knowledge-sharing, peer to peer learning and mentorship.

Based in Copenhagen, the International Leadership Network group has been set up for two main demographics of Copenhagen based professionals.

  1. Expatriates and new residents of Denmark: Assist and support in optimizing their professional experience into the Danish working culture, and also assist with giving members a better understanding of the Danish working culture
  2. Danish Nationals: Those looking to better understand international business culture.

The group meet every two months at various locations as hosted by individual members.

TOPIC: Each session will have a general topic of discussion with a guest speaker to also present on that topic.

An example of a meeting agenda:
16:30 Arrival
17:00 Welcome Introduction from Committee member
17:05 Welcome from Hosting member - Housekeeping
17:10 Quick Round table Introductions (1 minute per person)
17:30 Guest talk
18:00 Quick Break
18:10 Round the table discussion on main topic. 2-3 minutes per person
18:45 Discuss topic for next session
18:55 Closing statements
19:00 Finish


Værd at vide


The group meet every two months at various locations as hosted by individual members.

Apply for admission

Before applying for admission to a network group, you should consider the following:

What is your purpose for joining a networking group?
What do you expect to get out of participating?
What will you be able to contribute?
How often can you meet and are you willing to invest the necessary time?
Are you open and willing to share your problems with others?

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