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Go Denmark!

12. juni 2019

Why Danish businesses are the world's best, and the 5 things you can do to keep it that way

Rob Scotland: "At my core, I am a modern cultural anthropologist, I observe and analyse modern culture for business purposes.
I’m the “why?” guy, curious, investigative and opinionated!”

Denmark has one of the most globalized economies in the world, with exports accounting for 56% of gross domestic product, valued at almost DKK 1 trillion (USD 175 billion) annually.

Denmark's unique combination of social, cultural and working practices are inspiring the best companies in the world.

In this session with Cultural Anthropologist Rob Scotland you can learn about the critical Danish ingredients that can unlock the full business potential of your organization

Rob has lived and worked in Denmark for 10+ years - and worked with Nike, PANDORA, Carlsberg and McDonald's.


Session Format

The Talk: 45mins
Keynote speech on the major unique selling points that Danish organisations have in modern culture and business.

Ideation Workshop: 120mins
Creating A Danish Fuelled Solution featuring:

  • An Ideation warm up
  • Real case studies inspired by the attendees
  • Rapid iteration to create solutions in the room
  • Competitor Mindset exercises