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Change Management™ (eng)

With Change Management™ you will learn how you and your organisation should manage changes, and how to move in the right direction.

Furthermore, you will learn efficient communication methods, how stakeholders with differing interests are managed effectively. You will also learn how an organisation manages and overcomes resistance to change.

Learning goals
In the course, the four main themes are covered to reveal all significant facets of Change Management. We will go through theories and practical management of the individual’s relation to changes, and how changes influences and are controlled by an organisation under change.

Furthermore, communication theories and practical tools in communication and stakeholder management are covered. The course is concluded with practical methods for change management control.

Target audience
The course is suited for leaders, managers and communicators, engaged and involved in the planning, execution and controlling of organisational changes.

A change management certification, with encompassing theoretical knowledge and practical tools, is advantageous for you who is either a project manager for a change project, working as a programme manager or business change manager in a programme board, or managing or working in a communication organisation attached to the change management effort.

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The price for this certification is 5,599 DKK.


This certification is offered together with our partner Mentorix.
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