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As part of the Organization of Managers and Executives, we possess unique and relevant knowledge about management and the managerial role. We continuously translate this knowledge into our management courses and programmes.

Our most important mission is to provide you with continuous training, inspiration and professional sparring that can optimize and increase your leadership skills and competencies no matter where you are in your career and no matter which organization you are a manager within. At the moment you can be certified in PRINCE2, Change Management etc. in English.

We offer approximately 70 different courses and programmes within management, communication, personal development, project management, business development and more. Our training programme also includes a number of online courses, providing flexibility to individual participants. We currently have no courses in English for individuals, but carry out in-house training courses in English.

Competence Development in English
We offer internal delivery within companies, who want leadership development in English. See the list of courses in English below and please contact us for topics not listed. 

Open courses

Stående kvinde | Lederne

Certificate in coaching

Take an ICF-approved training course which will give you the tools to develop yourself and your employees.

Duration: 9 days

Communication for Managers

On this course, you will learn to communicate clearly, purposefully and convincingly, all while building a good relationship with your recipient.

Duration: 2 days

Conflict Management

Learn how to deal with conflicts together before they damage the work environment and become a critical problem.

Duration: 2 days

Leadership Development in Hiking Boots

A different leadership development process which uses conversations and hikes through natural scenery to deliver inspiration for your leadership.

Kurser for nye ledere

From Colleague to Manager

Get through the transition from colleague to manager both stronger and more well-prepared. Find your own natural management style.

Duration: 2 days

Kvinde griner | Lederne

Intensive Compassion Retreat

Over the course of five days at a beautiful spa hotel, Comwell Kellers Park, you will acquire brand new strategies to generate well-being and lead in a sustainable way.

Duration: 5 days


Leadership Training for Managers

Strengthen your ability to navigate the role of a manager in a professional way.

Duration: 6 days

Management without Staff Responsibilities

Learn how best to delegate and follow up on tasks when you do not have formal managerial responsibility.

Duration: 2 days

Mindfulness for Managers

Create better results and build up some mental energy reserves using mindfulness techniques.

Duration: 3 days and 7 weeks online

Virksoms digitale værktøjskasse | Lederne Virksom

Newly Appointed Mangers

Create a valuable network with other managers and get off to a good start in your new role as a manager.

Duration: 6 days

Personal Impact

Strengthen your personal impact through clear, unambiguous, and trustworthy communication.

Duration: 3 days

Mand taler i telefon | Lederne

Remote Leadership

Maintain presence and trust between you and your employees despite physical distance.

Duration: 2 days

Resilient Leadership

Strengthen your ability to handle demanding periods of work without stress using proven knowledge and concrete tools.

Duration: 1 day

Kurser i personlig udvikling

Strengthen your Personal Leadership

Using the strength-based approach, you will learn how to boost your mental reserves and generate motivation and job satisfaction among your employees.

Duration: 2 days

Courses with ECTS's credits

Coaching and Conflict Management

Acquire concrete coaching skills that will help you handle conflicts and create a work culture based on respect and drive.

Duration: 6-8 weeks
ECTS credits: 10

Management in practice

Ascend to a higher level of management and obtain a better overview and greater decisiveness in your role.

Duration: 6-8 weeks
ECTS credits: 10 

Project Management Training for Managers

Succeed as a project manager through the right planning and budgeting and implement successful projects.

Duration: 6-8 weeks

Executive Master in Sustainable Leadership

Aquire the competences to navigate the complexities of sustainability, build the toolbox to implement the right strategies, and communicate all this to stakeholders and society. Read more about the Executive Master in Sustainable Leadership.


Agile PM Foundation

Learn to lead projects flexibly in relation to the shifting demands and changes experienced by your business.

Online self study.

Change Management

With the Change Management course, you will learn how you and your organization should manage changes, and how to move in the right direction. 

Online self study

Prince2 Foundation

Gain insight into the benefits of PRINCE2® 6th Edition, considered to be the world's most widely used and renowned project management method.

Online self study.

Prince2 Practitioner

Acquire deeper knowledge of PRINCE2 and get the opportunity to take advantage of all the method’s benefits with the Practitioner course.

Online self study. 

Digital learning

Leadership Live

Leadership Live is a standalone, executive digital learning product which contains many hours' worth of content.

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